The crow on your roof

There's a crow on your roof, hopping from leg to leg
As if taking in the weight of the world,
As if balancing on laundry and pegs.

There's a crow on your roof somewhat tilting it's head
As if pondering on things so absurd,
As if eying there a worm now condemned.

The night in kindness yawned and gave way to blue sky
Leaving but a piece of itself, shaped like a bird.
Crow-black, curious of the day, the night's alumni
Was there when in the morning you rolled over and stirred.

It was, as we've said, on your roof, at the very top
As if engaged in awkward bargaining,
As if settled there in the sunniest spot.

The crow jumped and walked to the edge, cackled and cawed
Recounting like an old bird to whomever was there
The day it had had and the the day it had wanted,
The pain in it's wings and the lightness of the air.

You get on with your day, your life and all such matters
Dedicated to the making of humanness,
Aware there's on your roof with nothing but feathers -
A crow. A bird, simple, black, flying and luminous.

Posted on 1st February 2019